About Us

About Pet Vets

PetVets is a small team of friendly vets, nurses and receptionists that strive towards providing a very personalised level of care to you. This means that you will not be treated as a number because we genuinely love getting to know you and your pets.

You are encouraged to choose which vet you wish to see. Our 3 vets constantly keep each other up to date with their cases so in the event your preferred vet is unavailable, you will be assured there will be a seamless transition for the continued care of your family’s best friend.

We promise to talk to you in simple terms that you can understand – no technical jargon or big confusing scientific words here! We recognise that telling you that your dog has a phaeochromocytoma is pretty useless information to you (unless you have a medical background of course). Instead, what we will do is describe in detail what this disease is, all of the implications it will have on your dog, and most importantly what we need to do about it!

We will discuss all the diagnostic and treatment options available for your pet (as well as costs involved with each option) , so we can help you make a well informed decision about the best course of action to take.

All three of our vets are highly knowledgable and highly skilled. We encourage you to choose your preferred vet when booking your consult appointment, however if they are unavailable at the time you request, you can be assured there will be a seamless transition for the continued care of your family’s best friend with the vet on duty.

We offer some very helpful services that are free of charge – If you cannot administer medication that we have prescribed, if you can bring your pet in we will administer the tablets (or ear drops etc) free of charge. We will be adding some more free services soon!

We love to receive feedback –both the good and also how we can continue to improve our level of service to you. So if for any reason you are not completely happy, please let us know.