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Doctor Frenchie

Your French Bulldog expert with 11 years of experience in all aspects of care related to Brachycephalic breed issues, and extensive BOAS surgical knowledge and training

Dog lifestyle and care with owner
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About Pet Vets

PetVets is a small team of friendly vets, nurses and receptionists that strive towards providing a very personalised level of care to you. This means that you will not be treated as a number because we genuinely love getting to know you and your pets.

You are encouraged to choose which vet you wish to see. Our 3 vets constantly keep each other up to date with their cases so in the event your preferred vet is unavailable, you will be assured there will be a seamless transition for the continued care of your family’s best friend.

On site Puppy Pre school
On the day and emergency appointments available
On site visiting specialists available for: Orthopedics, Ophthalmology and
Dental health checks and advanced dental surgery options available

What Clients Say

Thanks so much for providing a home visit today even though you were short-staffed and had extra surgery. This service is invaluable to me and my cats because the big one, in particular, does not respond well to treatment in an environment that smells of other cats (and dogs). You efficiently despatched their annual vaccinations and provided valuable advice on how to deal with our flea problem in the context of our own home. Having you visit was worthwhile because you gave me hints on how to better maintain the health of my pets.

Chris Bell (Grover and Kelly’s dad) of Dulwich Hill, NSW